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Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint

Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 22.1

If you selected the On Check-in or Scheduled archive method, you can configure rules to filter which documents are archived to OnBase. Rules define specific requirements a document must meet in order to be archived either on check-in or when the scheduled archive job runs.

  1. If you are creating more than one rule, select AND or OR under Rule Connector.

    Select AND if documents must meet all the rules configured. Select OR if documents must meet any one of the rules configured.

    This selection is ignored if you create only one rule.

  2. From the drop-down list, select the column to configure a rule for.
  3. If you selected a numeric column type, select one of the following operators from the second drop-down list:
    • = (is equal to)

    • <> (does not contain)

    • > (is greater than)

    • < (is less than)

    • >= (is greater than or equal to)

    • <= (is less than or equal to)

  4. In the field provided, type the column value that documents must have in order to be automatically archived.

    A * wildcard placeholder can be used in the column value field. The wildcard can be used as a prefix (*Account), a suffix (Account*), or in the middle of the value (On*list).

  5. Click Add Rule.
  6. Repeat for as many rules as you want to configure. To remove a rule, click the delete (X) button on the rule's right side.
  7. When you are finished, click OK to save your configuration.