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Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint

Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 22.1

Select storage options for documents archived to OnBase.



Remove Files From SharePoint

Removes the archived document from the SharePoint database and creates a link in the document library to the document stored in OnBase.

When a user clicks the link to the document in OnBase, the OnBase Document Viewer displays the document.

If you do not want files to be removed from SharePoint, see Revisions and Versions of Files Maintained in SharePoint.


If documents are removed from SharePoint, their version histories are no longer accessible within SharePoint.

Add To Search

Adds the archived document to a content source for Integration for Microsoft Search. The document is added to the search the next time a crawl is performed.

Your system must be licensed and configured for Integration for Microsoft Search to use this option. This option adds the archived document to the SYS - Archive Services content source without additional search configuration. If the SYS - Archive Services content source does not exist, it is automatically created when the first document is archived.

Archive All Revisions

Automatically archives all versions of a document when the document is archived. This option is unavailable if the selected document library is not set up for versioning.

If the archival Document Type is revisable and your database is licensed for EDM Services:

  • Users can view versions of the document as revisions in OnBase from the Revisions/Renditions right-click option.

  • Checking in a document that has been modified since its last archive to OnBase creates a new revision of the document in OnBase. Versions that have already been archived are not re-archived.

If the archival Document Type is not revisable or your database is not licensed for EDM Services, each version of a document is imported as a separate document.


The Archive All Revisions option has a size limitation of 100 MB. Documents of 100 MB or greater are not archived when Archive All Revisions is selected. Documents that fail to be archived are noted in the verification report.


Mapped Keyword Types on revisable OnBase documents reflect changes to SharePoint column values. When column values change on a SharePoint document and then a revision is archived into OnBase, the mapped Keyword Types on the OnBase document are updated.