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Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint

Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 22.1

The following steps describe how to access OnBase configuration for a content type in Microsoft SharePoint 2019. To map Document and Keyword Types:

  1. Open the document library that you want to configure.
  2. Open the ribbon for the library. Click the Library tab.
  3. Access the library settings. From the right side of the ribbon, click Library Settings.
  4. From the Content Types section, click the content type that you want to configure for OnBase. If you do not see a Content Types section, complete Allowing Management of Content Types on Libraries.
  5. Under Settings, click OnBase Configuration.

    The OnBase Configuration screen is displayed.

  6. Under Settings, click Content Type Mappings. Additional settings may be available depending on the OnBase SharePoint integrations included in your solution.

    The Content Type Mappings screen is displayed.

  7. From the Document Type drop-down list, select the OnBase Document Type to map to the current content type.

    The OnBase Keyword Types list is dynamically populated based on the Document Type you select.

  8. To display any hidden SharePoint columns, select Show Hidden SharePoint Fields.
  9. Under Keyword Mappings, drag the SharePoint column to its corresponding OnBase Keyword Type.
    • To create multiple instances of a Keyword Type, click the Add Keyword button on the left side of the Keyword Type. This button is displayed when you rest your pointer over a mapping.

    • To remove a mapping, click the Delete button on its right side.


    To display more information about a SharePoint column or OnBase Keyword Type, rest your pointer over its name.

  10. Review your mappings to ensure they are compatible. For information about compatibility, see the following topics:

    If you map fields with incompatible data types, documents may be archived without a value for the incompatible Keyword Type. In Archive Services, the Keyword Type will only have a value if a user supplies one through the interactive archive method. The Keyword Type won't have a value if documents are archived through the scheduled or event-driven methods. The Ad-Hoc Scanning module addresses incompatible Keyword Types by preventing the user from uploading a document without first correcting the Keyword value.


    If the SharePoint column value has more characters than the mapped Keyword Type allows, the value will be truncated on the document archived to OnBase. In Archive Services, this behavior varies depending on the archive method. See the Archive Methods topic for more information.

  11. Click OK to save your changes.