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Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint

Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 22.1

When you map columns to Keyword Types, different symbols and annotations may be displayed. To view specific information about a symbol, rest your pointer on it. Symbols are described in more detail in the following table:



A lock indicates that the mapping was inherited from another content type and cannot be changed. Mappings are inherited from every parent in the content type hierarchy. To remove locked mappings, you must remove the mappings from the parent

A chain of links indicates that the current mapping is required for a current configuration.

For example, the Content Connector may be using the mapping to match documents to list items.

This symbol is displayed under either of the following conditions:

  • The SharePoint column and OnBase Keyword Type have different data types, but the mapping may be possible for certain values.

    For example, indexing OnBase Numeric Keyword Types with a SharePoint Text column type is possible if the column value is a number, but not if the column value uses alpha characters.

  • The SharePoint column and OnBase Keyword Type have different maximum lengths, which may result in truncation of the Keyword value on the archived document.

    You can change OnBase Keyword Types' maximum lengths in the Keyword Type Settings dialog box in the Configuration module. For more information about Keyword Type settings, see the Configuration module help files.

This symbol indicates that the SharePoint column and OnBase Keyword Type have incompatible data types; the Keyword Type cannot have the SharePoint column value as a Keyword value.

For example, a SharePoint Boolean column cannot be mapped to OnBase DateTime Keyword Types, because DateTime values must follow a specific format.