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Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint

Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 22.1

If a mapped Document Type has any required Keyword Types, they are displayed in red. A required Keyword Type must be assigned a value before a document can be archived. You must map these Keyword Types to SharePoint columns.

To ensure that documents archived to OnBase always have values for required Keyword Types, apply the Required (Must contain information) setting to the mapped SharePoint columns. See the Microsoft SharePoint help files for information about making a column required for a content type.

If the mapped SharePoint columns do not require values, then documents can be archived without values for those Keyword Types. Interactive ad-hoc archival is the only archive method that requires a user to add values for required Keyword Types. If the silent ad-hoc, scheduled, or on check-in archive method is used, then documents will be archived regardless of whether the required Keyword Types have values.