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Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint

Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 22.1

OnBase Configuration Management is a required component of the following SharePoint integrations:

  • Ad-Hoc Scanning for Microsoft SharePoint

  • Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint

  • Content Connector for Microsoft SharePoint

If you already installed OnBase Configuration Management to the Web applications where users will be archiving documents using Archive Services, then you do not need to repeat this procedure.


Make sure you are logged on as a SharePoint site collection administrator before running the installer.

To install OnBase Configuration Management:

  1. Double-click the Configuration Setup2019.exe in the Configuration folder of your installation source files.

    If you have access to the Core Services build, the Setup2019.exe for SharePoint 2019 is located in the following directory: ..\install\SharePoint\SharePoint2019\Configuration

    The Configuration And Document Viewer for SharePoint 2019 wizard is displayed.

  2. Click Next. The System Check page is displayed.
  3. A system check is performed to determine whether OnBase Configuration Management can be installed on the server.

    Depending on the results, do one of the following:

    • If any of the checks fail, note which checks failed and click Abort. Address the failed requirements, and then restart the installation.


      On the System Check page, the term solution file refers to the OnBaseConfiguration.wsp file located in the same directory as the Setup2019.exe file.

    • If the checks pass, click Next. The Site Collection Deployment Targets page is displayed.

  4. Select only the Web applications where you want to deploy the integration. By default, all Web applications are selected.

    The Central Administration application cannot be deselected because OnBase Configuration Management is administered from this application.

  5. Click Next. The installer distributes the files required to configure Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint. The Installation Successfully Completed screen is displayed showing where the integration is deployed for each Web application.
  6. Click Close.
  7. Verify the installation in SharePoint 2019 Central Administration.
    1. On the Central Administration homepage, click the gear button to display its menu.
    2. Select Site Settings. The Site Settings page is displayed.
    3. Under Site Collection Administration, click Site Collection Features.

      To access Site Collection Features, you must be logged on as a site collection administrator.

    4. Your site collection should now include a feature named OnBase Configuration Management, and its status should be Active.