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Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint

Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 22.1

If your solution has been configured for ad hoc archival, you may be able to archive any document from your document library to OnBase. Ad hoc archival can be set up as interactive or silent.

  • Interactive archival lets you review and modify the OnBase Document Type and Keyword values that will be assigned to the document you are archiving.


    Interactive ad hoc archival is not supported in Chrome or Firefox.

  • Silent archival doesn't prompt you for any additional information. The Document Type and Keyword values are determined based on mappings configured by your system administrator.

To archive a document from your document library to OnBase, complete the following steps:

  1. From your document library, select the document you want to archive.
  2. On the Files tab, click the Archive Document button.

    If you have multiple documents selected, and one or more of the documents does not belong to a Document Type configured for archival, none of the selected documents can be archived.

  3. If a dialog box prompts you for more information, continue to step 4.
    • If your solution is set up for silent archival, then the document is archived without additional interaction. A confirmation message may be displayed, depending on your version of SharePoint.

    • If Archive Document is disabled, you may have insufficient privileges to create documents in OnBase. Contact your system administrator for more information.


      If any SharePoint values exceed the number of characters allowed for a Keyword Type, the confirmation message displays the truncated Keyword values. The document may need to be re-indexed to ensure the correct values are stored, and the Keyword Type configuration in OnBase may need to be modified. Contact your system administrator for assistance.

  4. If the following dialog box is displayed, check whether the indexing information is correct. Modify it as needed.

    The selected Document Type must support the file type of the document being archived.

  5. To clear any or all of the indexing information, use the buttons described in the following table:




    Clear Keywords

    Removes any Keyword values from the Keyword Type fields.

    Clear All

    Removes all indexing values except for the Document Date.

  6. Change the Document Date, if necessary.
  7. Add or modify any Keyword values for the document. Required Keyword Types are displayed in red and must have a value for the document to be archived.

    Review values that are already populated with SharePoint information to ensure they're correct. When SharePoint values containing single quotation marks are converted to OnBase Keyword values, the single quotation marks are appended with a backslash. For example, John's Report would become John\'s Report. Also, some Keyword Types may display NULL as a value if the SharePoint value exceeds the maximum characters allowed or if the value is incompatible with the OnBase Keyword Type. Correct any Keyword values as needed, or contact your system administrator for assistance.


    If OnBase AutoFill Keyword Sets are enabled for your solution, values in the AutoFill Keyword Set are not automatically displayed when a primary value is entered. The document is indexed with AutoFill values only after the document is archived to OnBase. Contact your system administrator to determine whether and how AutoFill Keyword Sets are used in your solution.

  8. Click the Archive button. A confirmation message is displayed when the document is archived successfully.