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Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint

Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 22.1

Annotations are similar to OnBase notes. An annotation can be used to call attention to items in a document, it can contain a message, and it may be represented by an icon. However, annotations also allow you to call attention to a portion of the document with special markings, such as arrows, highlights, and ellipses.


If you are viewing a document that has been locked by Records Management, the Annotations toolbar is locked and cannot be used.

When enabled, the Notes toolbar displays annotation-related notes along the bottom of the viewer window.

Characteristics such as color and title are predefined when the note is configured for use. Several types of annotations can be created:

  • Arrows typically point to a specific item.

  • Ellipses typically circle an area of interest.

  • Overlapping Text allows user-defined text to be displayed over the document.

  • Highlights place a translucent color over the area of interest.

Redaction annotations can be used to produce an entirely new image document, in which the annotation is permanently applied to the document.


The Arrow, Ellipse, and Overlapped Text note types are not available for use on all documents. Availability depends on the file format of the document.