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Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint

Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 22.1

You can apply and save redactions to a document if all of the following conditions are met:

  • You have sufficient privileges to modify the document.

  • The document's file type supports redactions. Only image and text files can be redacted.

  • The document's Document Type is configured to allow redactions.


    You can print redacted documents on an ad hoc basis even if their Document Types are not configured for redactions. Apply the redactions, and then print the document. Then, close the document without saving the redactions.

  1. Click the Toggle Redaction button from the Annotations toolbar.
  2. From the redaction drop-down list, select whether you want to create a black redaction or a white redaction. If you select Black Redaction, the redacted area will be defined by a black, opaque rectangle. If you select White Redaction, the redacted area will be defined by a white, opaque rectangle.
  3. Using your mouse, define the location and size of the redaction by clicking and dragging the pointer over the area you want to redact. Repeat for each area you want to redact.
  4. Save the redacted image by clicking the Save Redaction button.
    • OnBase displays the message Your redaction has been saved successfully, indicating that the redacted document has been created. Depending on your system's settings, this redacted document is saved to another Document Type (the original document may also be deleted in this scenario), is saved as a revision of the current document, or replaces the original document.


      If your system is configured to save the redacted document as a revision, you may lose annotations or notes that were applied to the original document. See your system administrator for questions regarding redaction settings.

    • If OnBase indicates that the redaction could not be saved, the Document Type may not be configured for redactions.

    • If the document is closed or refreshed before one or more redactions have been saved, a message box prompts you to Save Redactions or Close. To save all created redactions, click Save Redactions. To discard them, click Close.


    If you switch between Overlay and Non-Overlay modes, a message is displayed indicating that the redaction will be removed.