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Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint

Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 22.1

Clicking the Check Names button resolves the recipient's name to the address book by looking for contacts configured as either First Name-Last Name or Last Name-First Name (including middle initial, if applicable). The following rules apply:


Novell GroupWise users need to use a wildcard character, *, when resolving an incomplete name.

  • When address book has multiple cases where a name being resolved can be both a First Name or Last Name (e.g., James), the Check Names dialog box prompts the user to select the appropriate recipient.

  • When you type an entire recipient name as <First Name Middle Initial Last Name>, you must use the correct punctuation for the middle initial (e.g., Betty A. Jones) for the name to be resolved to the address book.

  • When you type a recipient name as <Last Name First Name Middle Initial>, you must use the correct punctuation; a comma must follow the Last Name. When a Middle Initial is included, you must follow it with a period (e.g., Jones, Betty A.).