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Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint

Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 22.1

Some documents, such as Microsoft Office documents, open using an external viewer. To access Send To options for a document that opens using an external viewer, right-click the document from a Document Search Results list.

The Send To right-click menu for an image or text document that is viewed within the Document Viewer may include the following options, depending on your system's configuration:

  • Send To | Clipboard: Select to copy the document to the Windows clipboard.

  • Send To | Mail Recipient: Select to email the document externally to a specified recipient.

  • Send To | Create New Document: Select to create a new document from the current one, specifying Page Range, Document Type, Document Date, and Keyword Values as needed. Available for indexed documents only.


    Depending on your user rights, the new document may not contain masked Keyword Values from the original document. See the Encrypted Alpha Keywords module reference guide or help file for more information.

    In the Page range field, type the pages (e.g., 1,5) or range of pages (e.g., 1-5) you want to copy to the new document. (This option is available for multi-page image documents only.)

  • Send To | File: Select to save the document to a specified file.

  • Send To | Envelope: Select to include the document in an envelope.

  • Send To | Internal User: Select to send the document to another user in OnBase.

  • Send To | Create DocPop Link: Select to email a link to the document that can be accessed by recipients via DocPop.

  • Send To | Copy DocPopLink: Select to copy a DocPop URL to the clipboard. You can browse to a new window and paste the link into the subject line to open the document in DocPop.

  • Send To | Create DocPop Link to Page: Select to email a link to the document that will open the document to the page displayed in the viewer. The link allows the document to be accessed by recipients via DocPop. This option is only available for text and image documents.