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Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint

Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 22.1

The following table describes the options in the Print Queue dialog box.



Print Queue

Select the desired network print queue (mapped to the desired printer) from the Print Queue drop-down list. Print queues manage the manner in which documents are printed by defining the method for generating the print request, as well as the type of printer that will be used to print the document when it is sent to that queue. Available Print Queues are defined by your system administrator.

Print Format

The Print Format: drop-down list displays configured print formats, which determine the appearance of the selected documents. When you select a print format, its settings are used as defaults in the print dialog. The print format default is the print format associated with the document type of the first document selected for printing. If a batch is selected or no print format is associated with the Document Type, the setting is <Default>. To override the print format defaults, change the settings in the print dialog box.


Portrait: Prints the top of the page on the shortest side of the paper.

Landscape: Prints the top of the page on the longest side of the paper.

Print Range

All: Prints all pages of the document(s).


The All Print Range option is the only option available when printing PDF documents.

Selected: (Currently not available)

Pages: Prints a range of pages in the document.

Note Options

Annotation On Document: Prints the note annotation (graphical representation of a note) on the document.

Note Window On Document: Prints the note text on the document.

Note Text After Document: Prints the text of all document notes on a separate page.

Overlay Options/Print Overlay

Print Overlay: Prints the document with the associated overlay. The overlay that is printed may be different than the overlay that is displayed, depending on the configuration of the Document Type.

Fax Compatible: Select this option if you are printing to a fax machine. OnBase arranges the overlay image in a way that faxing software can properly interpret. The overlay that is faxed may be different than the overlay that is displayed or printed, depending on the configuration of the Document Type.

Job Settings

Copies: Enter the number of copies to print.

Single Print Job: If multiple documents are highlighted for a print request, Single Print Job instructs OnBase to combine the selected documents into a single Windows print job, rather than printing each separately.


The Single Print Job option only applies to documents that are natively rendered. Documents such as E-Forms and OLE documents cannot use the Single Print Job option.

Continuous Flow: If the multiple documents selected for a Single Print Job are formatted for a multi-image layout on the page, the Continuous Flow option tells OnBase to continue filling the page with images from the next document, filling the existing multi-page format before proceeding to the next page.

Example: If you select three two-page documents for printing and choose a print format configured to print two rows and two columns, your output would be three pages, each of which is a single document.

If you select Continuous Flow, your output would be two pages, the first page having two documents and the second having the remaining third document.

Continuous Flow cannot be used to control the format of PCL documents in a multi-image layout.

Revision Options/Print Revision

All Revisions: Prints all document revisions that you have permission to view.

Current Revision: Prints the most current document revision that you have permission to view.