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AutoFill Keyword Sets

AutoFill Keyword Sets
Foundation 22.1

Displays the Autofill Keyword Sets dialog box, providing the ability to view the AutoFill Keyword Sets. Instances display in row and column format, sorted in ascending order by Primary Keyword Type:


Date and Date & Time Keyword Values are displayed in accordance with the workstation's Regional Settings.


The combined length of the display column headers is limited to a maximum of 300 characters. If the combined length of the Keyword Type names is less than 300 characters, the Keyword Type numbers will be used for the column headers. If the combined length of the Keyword Type numbers is greater than 300 characters, the column headers will be blank.

Double-click an instance to edit the Keyword Values using the AutoFill Keyword Set Modification dialog box:


The Primary Keyword Type is displayed at the top of the AutoFill Keyword Set Modification dialog box, in the Base Keyword field.

To display the secondary Keyword Types of the AutoFill Keyword Set Type alphabetically, select the Alphabetize Keyword Types option.


Select the Alphabetize Keyword Types option when you need to edit an AutoFill Keyword Set containing many different Keyword Types. This helps to quickly locate the Keyword Type Value(s) you need to edit.


The Alphabetize Keyword Types option is a user preference and is only applied on a per user basis.

Click Apply to save your changes. If you selected the Alphabetize Keyword Types option, secondary Keyword Types contained in the AutoFill Keyword Set Type are listed alphabetically the next time you view an AutoFill Keyword Set.