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AutoFill Keyword Sets

AutoFill Keyword Sets
Foundation 22.1

You may select single or multiple AutoFill Keyword Sets from the Keyword Sets dialog box. To select multiple AutoFill Keyword Sets press the CTRL key on your keyboard and select the AutoFill Keyword Sets that you want to select.

To select the whole list, select the first AutoFill Keyword Set and hold down the Shift key on your keyboard.

Once you have a list selected, right-click to display a list of options:



Modify Selected

Modifies Secondary Keyword Values in the AutoFill Keyword Set.


This option does not modify the Primary Base Keyword.

Once a Keyword Value is changed, you may be asked to update all documents using the modified AutoFill Keyword Set. All documents are updated with the new Keyword Values only if the AutoFill Keyword Set is assigned at the Document Type Level.

If documents updated using the modified AutoFill Keyword Set are configured for Auto-Foldering, a new folder is created to contain the document with the modified value. The folder that previously held the document is left empty.

Delete Selected

Deletes the selected AutoFill Keyword Set.

Clear Selected

Deselects any selected AutoFill Keyword Sets.


Refreshes the list if any changes have been made.

View All

Lists all AutoFill Keyword Sets in a selected AutoFill Keyword Set Type.


Allows you to search for a Primary Keyword Set Value.

Create Report

Creates a comma-delimited text file containing all Keyword Values in the current AutoFill Keyword Set.