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AutoFill Keyword Sets

AutoFill Keyword Sets
Foundation 22.1

Keyword Types configured for an alphanumeric data type must be assigned a Character Case setting. There are two Character Case options: Uppercase Values and Mixed Case Values with an option for Case Sensitive Searching.

Character Case Options


Uppercase Values

Any Keyword Value entered upon indexing is stored as uppercase characters.

Mixed Case Values

Any Keyword Value entered upon indexing is case-sensitive, using both upper and lower case characters.


Keyword Types configured with Mixed Case Values cannot be added to a Cascading Data Set.


Any Keyword Type configured to use Mixed Case Values is stored in the database twice. The Keyword Value is first stored using mixed case characters. The same Keyword Value is then stored using uppercase characters. This approach to Keyword Value storage guarantees that character case differences do not interfere with document retrieval, cross-referencing, or other processes that match Keyword Values.


OnBase does not differentiate between multiple instances of the same Keyword Values, even if they are using different uppercase and lowercase letters. For example, if a user indexes a document with two instance of a Keyword Type using the values Apple and apple, OnBase only saves the first instance entered (in this case, Apple).

Case Sensitive Searching

The Case Sensitive Searching check box becomes available after Mixed Case Values is selected.

If this check box is selected, values entered while searching documents must match exactly as indexed to retrieve the correct document. If the Case Sensitive Searching check box is not selected, documents will retain a mixed case value, but can be searched regardless of case.


The Case Sensitive Searching feature is not supported for Microsoft SQL Server databases.


Keyword Types configured with the Case Sensitive Searching option cannot be added to a Cascading Data Set.