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AutoFill Keyword Sets

AutoFill Keyword Sets
Foundation 22.1

Specify the method that should be used for storage of an alphanumeric Keyword Value.

Storage Options


Single Table

A single table is used to store the Keyword Values. Each table has a differently named row for the Keyword Value.

  • Use of an Alphanumeric Single Table is most efficient when the values to be stored are fairly unique and not likely to be assigned to many documents.

  • If you will be using drop-down lists, you should use a Data Set as well with Alphanumeric Single Table.

  • If Keyword Type Values are expected to change on a large scale, Alphanumeric Dual Table (rather than Alphanumeric Single Table) would be preferable. If only one Keyword Type Value on a document changes, this is a very efficient type.


Retrieval may become faster because only one table is searched; however, substantial increases are only evident in large tables.

Dual Table

Two tables are used to store the Keyword Values in the database, in order to minimize storage for repeated character strings and maintain fast retrieval of documents in these instances.