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AutoFill Keyword Sets

AutoFill Keyword Sets
Foundation 22.1

Designating an AutoFill Keyword Set to use an external data source is considered a permanent configuration to the AutoFill Keyword Set. It is not recommended to switch an existing AutoFill Keyword Set between an external or internal data source; OnBase does not sync the data between source types, and the data may not be identical across both sources.

Prior to configuring External AutoFill Keyword Sets in the Configuration module, you must have several items available:

  • Keyword Types configured that will accommodate the Keyword Values obtained from the external source. The Data Type selected for the Keyword Type must be valid for the external value (for example, if it is a Numeric (Up to 9 Digits), then the external value must be numeric and no more than nine digits.)


    A varchar Data Type cannot have columns configured with a length of MAX. The maximum length allowed for a varchar column in an External AutoFill Keyword table is 255 characters.

  • Date and Date & Time values must be presented in a military format (YYYY-MM-DD and YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS, respectively). For example: Date: 2005-01-30 Date & Time: 2005-01-30 13:25:48

  • Currency values must be presented in a general format of XXXXX.XX (or -XXXXX.XX for negative values)


    Currency symbols, such as $, should not be used.

  • The AutoFill Keyword Set configured

In addition, you must configure external settings that provide communication information to the external database. The following options are available for providing communication information to the external database:

  • VB Script

  • SQL Select String (requires workstation connection to ODBC source)


    VB Script and SQL Select String functionality are no longer recommended and may be removed in a future release. For more information, see SQL Select String Considerations or Creating a VB Script to Enable External AutoFill Keyword Sets.

  • EIS Datasource


    Select the EIS Datasource option to use the AutoFill Keyword Set with the Enterprise Integration Server. For more information, see the Enterprise Integration Server information contained in the documentation for your line-of-business system's integration with OnBase.

  • Unity Script


    Select the Unity Script option to configure the AutoFill Keyword Set to call a Unity script. Unity scripts can be created by accessing the Unity Scripts tab in OnBase Studio when you are licensed for the Unity Client. For more information on configuring Unity scripts, see the Studio documentation.

  • WorkView Filter

  • Hyland Integration Services


Select the Hyland Integration Services option to use the AutoFill Keyword Set with EIS Workflow Messaging. For more information, see the EIS Workflow Messaging module reference guide.

The query that will obtain Primary and Secondary Keyword Value information from the external database using one of the methods mentioned above must be available prior to configuring External Keyword Sets.


Add an order by keywordnum statement to the SQL Select String or the VB Script to sort External Autofill Keyword Sets by a specific column, in either ascending or descending order, in the Select Keyset dialog box that displays when a Primary Keyword is entered that has more than one AutoFill Keyword Set associated with it.