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AutoFill Keyword Sets

AutoFill Keyword Sets
Foundation 22.1

Keyword Types and Keyword Values provide the ability to index documents. Systems rely on effective indexing and classification of Document Types to provide efficient retrieval and management of documents.

By configuring Keyword Types, space is allocated in the database for the storage of Keyword Values. When a document is imported or processed into the database, the Keyword Values supplied are stored in the appropriate Keyword Type in the database, with references ("database pointers") to the document.

  1. In the Configuration module, select Keyword | Keyword Types. The Keyword Type Configuration dialog box displays.
  2. Type a name into the Keyword Type field under the Defined Keyword Types list.
  3. Click Create to add the Keyword Type into the Keyword Type list. The Keyword Type Settings dialog box will automatically open.
  4. Select a Data Type. See Selecting a Data Type for a Keyword Type for more information.
  5. In Alphanumeric Settings, specify the Maximum Length and the appropriate Storage Options and Character Case Options if the Data Type is Alphanumeric. See Alphanumeric Settings for more information.
  6. Select External Validation if necessary. See Selecting Advanced Setting Options for a Keyword Type for more information.
  7. Select the appropriate Data Sets / Drop Down Lists. See Selecting Data Sets / Drop Down Lists Options for a Keyword Type for more information.
  8. Select a Usage Restriction. See Selecting Usage Restrictions for a Keyword Type for more information.
  9. Select Display Options. See Selecting Display Options for a Keyword Type for more information.
  10. Select an option from the AutoFill Keyword Set drop-down list if necessary. See Selecting an AutoFill Keyword Set - Keyword Type Level Primary Keyword for more information.
  11. Select the Use Other SQL Method check box if necessary. See Selecting Use Other SQL Method for more information.
  12. Select the appropriate Classification settings. See Selecting a Classification for a Keyword Type for more information.

    Keyword Types increase database storage and retrieval time required for a document, since each individual Keyword Value must be indexed. Only Keyword Types necessary for the identification of the document should be assigned.