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AutoFill Keyword Sets

AutoFill Keyword Sets
Foundation 22.1

A Document Type designates a group documents that have shared characteristics (for example, a Document Type called HR - Resumes would contain resumes that have been submitted to the Human Resources Department). The Document Type is defined by characteristics of the documents assigned to it. The Document Type Keyword Types provide information regarding that Document Type.

  1. In the Configuration module, select Document | Document Types. The Document Types dialog box displays.
  2. Associate the Document Type with a Document Type Group by making the appropriate selection at the Document Type Group drop-down list.
  3. Type the name of a new Document Type into the Document Types field and click Create. The new Document Type is added to the Document Type list and the <Document Type name> Configuration dialog box appears.
  4. On the User Group Assignment dialog box, select one or more user groups from the Available Groups list and click Add. Remove a user group by selecting it and clicking Remove. Click Close when you are done assigning access.
  5. Continue to define all configuration parameters for the Document Type using the configuration buttons on the right side of the dialog box. See step 6 for details on configuring Keyword Types for the Document Type.

    It is recommended that you include a prefix to your Document Type names that indicates the Document Type Group to which the Document Type belongs. This will help you identify Document Types when you aren't able to limit them specifically by choosing a Document Type Group first. This would also allow you to have multiple Document Types with nearly the same name.

  6. Click Keyword Types. On the Keyword Type Assignment dialog box, in the Available pane, select all Keyword Types to be associated with the Document Type, including all Keyword Types that are part of AutoFill Keyword Sets.
  7. Click the arrow button to move the selected Keywords to the Selected pane.
  8. If you want your document to contain only one AutoFill Keyword Set, select the desired set from the drop-down list. Designating the AutoFill Keyword Set from this location also ensures that the set you have selected will be used for this Document Type should the Primary Keyword Type reside in more than one set.

    If a Document Type has an AutoFill Keyword Set explicitly assigned to it, you cannot assign a Keyword Type level AutoFill Keyword Set on the same Document Type.

    • If you want your Document Type to contain more than one AutoFill Keyword Set continue to the section Configuring Keyword Types. If you want your Document Type to contain more than one AutoFill Keyword Set, ensure that all Keyword Types that comprise the AutoFill Keyword Set or Sets are assigned to the Document Type.

  9. When all configuration parameters are satisfactory, click Close.