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AutoFill Keyword Sets

AutoFill Keyword Sets
Foundation 22.1

You can use a SQL Select String query to communicate with the external database and identify Primary and Secondary Keyword Values when users trigger an AutoFill Keyword Set during indexing or re-indexing.

To create a SQL statement to enable External Keyword Data Sets:

  1. Ensure that the Enable SQL Select option for External AutoFill Keyword Sets and Data Sets option is enabled. This option is found in the OnBase Configuration module under Global Client Settings. For more information, see the System Administration documentation.
  2. From the AutoFill Keyword Sets Configuration dialog box, select an AutoFill Keyword Set Name and click External to display the External AutoFill Keyword Set Configuration dialog box.

    If the External button is not enabled, click Settings to ensure that you have External AutoFill Keyword Set selected and that you click Save to exit Settings.

  3. Select SQL Select String radio button and enter the contents of the SQL Select String in the field below. Depending upon whether or not this SQL Select String will be used to accommodate more than one AutoFill Keyword Set, the required parameters vary. Required parameters include the following:
    • The SQL Select String must programmatically provide Primary Keyword Values or a way to obtain them.

    • The SQL Select String must programmatically provide a way to return all of the Keyword Values required by the AutoFill Keyword Set in the proper order in the external database, Primary Keyword Values followed by all Secondary Keyword Values.


    The maximum varchar character limit for Keyword Values in OnBase is 250 characters. This limit also applies to Keyword Values retrieved by External AutoFill Keyword Sets.