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AutoFill Keyword Sets

AutoFill Keyword Sets
Foundation 22.1

The following Display Options are available:

Display Options


Auto Display

Selecting this check box automatically displays the Keyword box for all open documents. The location of the Auto Display Keyword box is designated at the Document Type Settings dialog box. When selected, Keyword Types are displayed by Keyword Type name, followed by the keyword value. Date and Date & Time keyword values are displayed according to the workstation's Regional Settings. If the Keyword Type has no value, the Auto Display Keyword dialog box is not displayed.


HTML documents, including E-Forms, do not support auto-display keyword values.


If you select Auto Display for an encrypted Keyword Type, the keyword value that is displayed will always display with a mask, even to users in User Groups with the Access Encrypted Keywords privilege.


Selecting this check box prevents keyword values of this Keyword Type from being displayed in all dialog boxes, except while indexing image documents and in Auto-Name strings.

Specifically, the invisible keyword values are still displayed (not hidden) in the following dialog boxes:

  • Import Document

  • Re-Index Document

  • Scan/Indexing

  • AutoFill Keyword Set Management

  • Workflow


    Display User Forms for This Document

    Display User Forms for Related Document

    Display Message Box action

    Create Note action

Invisible keyword values are also displayed outside of dialog boxes. The display columns on Custom Queries and Workflow filters can display values assigned to invisible Keyword Types.

However, invisible keyword values are not seen or displayed in the following dialog boxes:

  • Document Retrieval Keyword Panel

  • Add/Modify Keywords


The Access Restricted Keywords privilege does not affect a user's ability to view invisible keyword values.

If an invisible Keyword Type is placed on a Unity Form template, the Keyword Type is displayed on the form unless security at the Unity Form level is set.

Force LTR Reading Order

Selecting this text box forces the keyword values of this Keyword Type to be displayed left to right.

When using OnBase with a language that reads right to left, it is sometimes necessary for certain Keyword Types to be displayed in left to right format. For example, the telephone number 440-555-5000 would display as 5000-555-440 in a system configured to use a language that reads right to left. Selecting the Force LTR Reading Order option forces the number to display as 440-555-5000.