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AutoFill Keyword Sets

AutoFill Keyword Sets
Foundation 22.1

The Classification section allows you to create special associations for the use of a Keyword Type. These options determine how Keyword Values are supplied and stored in the database.

A Keyword Type can be designated for use with an AutoFill Keyword Set or designated for informational purposes (Info. Only) and not stored in the database.

The following Classification options are available from the Keyword Type Settings dialog box:

Classification Options


Info. Only (No Index)

If this option is selected, indexes based on specific Keyword Values are not created in the database for this Keyword Type. This reduces the amount of database space used to store the Keyword Values, but doing so increases the time it takes to perform a database search.

It is recommended that Keyword Types with this option selected are not used as the only Keyword Types for a Document Type. Entering a Keyword Value for a Keyword Type with Info. Only (No Index) selected in a document search does not fulfill search query requirements. Another Keyword Type has to be used for the search.

Not For Retrieval

If this option is selected, this Keyword Type is not used for document retrieval. If the Keyword Type is assigned to a Document Type, it is not available in the Document Retrieval window, but it does display in the Add / Modify Keywords dialog box.

AutoFill Keyword

You do not need to check this to make the Keyword Type part of an AutoFill Keyword Set. This is a legacy setting retained for backwards compatibility.

Processing File Name Keyword

If this option is selected, the Keyword Type is populated by the document's file name upon import into OnBase as well as while indexing. This function is supported whether importing as a new document or as a revision.


This option is only available if the data type of the Keyword Type is set to Alphanumeric.


The scan queue must be configured to sweep documents into OnBase in Pre-Index or Full-Index scan mode in order for this feature to function with a Document Imaging sweep process. For more information on scan modes, see the Document Imaging documentation.