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AutoFill Keyword Sets

AutoFill Keyword Sets
Foundation 22.1

See the following example of a VB Script used to Enable External AutoFill Keyword Sets:

Assume there is a AutoFill Keyword Set called Customer Data that contains customer information. The AutoFill Keyword Set has three Keyword Types assigned to it. The first and primary Keyword Type in the AutoFill Keyword Set is Customer Number. The subsequent Keyword Types are Order Number, and Amount. The Keyword Types are assigned normally in configuration and the AutoFill Keyword Set itself is marked as external. The sample script for this AutoFill Keyword Set might look like the following:

  • KeysetDef.keysetid = 132- 132 is the number of the AutoFill Keyword Set in the Configuration module. You can also use the name of the AutoFill Keyword Set instead of the number.


    If users change the name of the AutoFill Keyword Set, this VB Script will have to be edited to match the name. The names of the Primary and Secondary Keyword Types do not matter as long as they are in the correct order in the database.

  • PrimaryValue = "123456789"- 123456789 is the value of the Primary Keyword Type that is first in the items called from the external database.

  • BeginRow- must be called for every AutoFill Keyword Set row (row of Secondary Keyword Types per Primary Keyword Type) you are going to return.

  • AddData- must be called once for every Keyword Type in that row. This example contains the name of the Keyword Type followed by the Keyword Value ("Customer Number", "123456789")

  • EndRow - must be called to indicate the end of the Secondary Keyword Values for that instance.