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AutoFill Keyword Sets

AutoFill Keyword Sets
Foundation 22.1

The AutoFill Keyword processor imports a text file containing the AutoFill Keyword Set values. Each line in the text file is used to populate a document AutoFill Keyword Set. In order to populate the AutoFill Keyword Sets for each document you must import this text file that contains the appropriate information. For example, the Document Type LAW-Arbitration Briefs has an AutoFill Keyword Set composed of the following Keyword Types:

  • The first value in each Keyword Set is the primary Keyword Value. So in this example, CASE # is the primary Keyword Type and will be populated by the unique Keyword Value identified as the primary keyword.

  • The order of Keyword Values in the text file must match the order of Keyword Values in the Keyword Set. Each line of text is an AutoFill Keyword Set. Lines of text are separated by return codes.


    The format for Date and Date & Time Keyword Types in the AutoFill Import file must be as follows: MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss.

  • Delimiters are placed to the left and right of each value, values are separated by separators.

The delimiters and separators that should be used in the text file are determined by the AutoFill Keyword Processor configuration (Configuring the AutoFill Keyword Processor). If the default values are used, the text file that is imported must use quotes (") as delimiters and commas (,) as separators. A valid text file for the example AutoFill Keyword Set could be the following:


"317607", "JOHN DOE", "JOHN DEER", "JUDY"

After this AutoFill Keyword Set is imported it will display in OnBase, under Admin | AutoFill Keyword Sets | Management.


If a Keyword Type that is part of the AutoFill Keyword Set is configured to use Keyword Type Masking, the Keyword Value will be imported correctly whether or not the mask's static characters are present in the import file.