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AutoFill Keyword Sets

AutoFill Keyword Sets
Foundation 22.1
  1. Select Admin | AutoFill Keyword Sets | Importer in OnBase. The AutoFill Keyword Import Processor window displays.
  2. Select a Process Format. The Process Formats section displays all available AutoFill Keyword Sets.
  3. Right-click to access the Execute Import Process menu option. The AutoFill Keyword Set Import Options dialog box displays.

    Select one or more of the following processing options. If you do not select any of the options, the configured default options will be used:


    The following advanced options should be used carefully. Advanced options provide the ability to update documents, Keyword Values, and process files on a very large scale. Ensure that users with access to these options understand the full extent of implications of selecting one or more options. See your system administrator for detailed information about these settings.

    • Update existing AutoFill Keyword Sets with data from file

    • Update all documents with data from file

      • Only update documents for changed AutoFill Keyword Sets

      • Auto-folder updated documents

      • Log document keyword modification

      • Add to Workflow for changed Keyword


      The AutoFill Keyword Processor respects document locking and cannot modify locked documents. When selecting the Update all documents with data from file option, locked documents are skipped when an AutoFill Keyword process is run.

    • Remove all AutoFill Keyword Sets not found in file

  4. Click Save as Defaults to change the configured default processing options. Otherwise, changes will be applicable for the current process only.
  5. Click Process to import the file. The name of the AutoFill Keyword Set and the progress of the import process are displayed in the AutoFill Keyword Import Processor dialog box.

    An error message is displayed and the import process is interrupted if you attempt to import data to an AutoFill Keyword Set to which you have not been assigned rights.

    The Verification Report displays the details of the process. You can also check the success of the import by looking at its Verification Report in the SYS - Verification Reports Document Type.


    If the AutoFill Keyword Set Import Processor encounters an error within the import file, the import file is moved from its current directory to a subdirectory named ERROR_FILES. If the import file is processed again, any sets that were previously imported successfully will be duplicated.

  6. Once you have imported in the AutoFill Keyword Set data, you can manually change or update the data file using the AutoFill Keyword Set Manager.

    AutoFill Keyword Import Processors can be scheduled from any Process Job Queue.

For more information on scheduling a Process Job, see Scheduling a Job.