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AutoFill Keyword Sets

AutoFill Keyword Sets
Foundation 22.1

Reverse AutoFill Keyword Set Lookups allow a user to use Secondary Keyword Values to search for an AutoFill Keyword Set during indexing or re-indexing so that the AutoFill Keyword Set can be used to index or re-index the document.


This is useful when the Primary Keyword Value of the AutoFill Keyword Set is not known.


Reverse AutoFill Keyword Set Lookups cannot be used with External AutoFill Keyword Sets.


Reverse AutoFill Keyword Set lookups that contain Keywords configured with Security Masks will not display the Keyword Values as masked. Users without the Access Security Masked Keywords privilege are able to see all Security Masked Keyword Values as unmasked.

For example, if the Account Number Keyword Value is used as the Primary Keyword Value to expand an AutoFill Keyword Set containing a customer's Name, Address, City, State and Phone # Keyword Values, but the account number is unknown, a Reverse AutoFill Keyword Set Lookup could be configured to allow an indexer to lookup the account number using the customer's name, address, city, state or phone number.


When upgrading to OnBase Foundation 22.1 from OnBase 9.2.1 or lower, some Reverse AutoFill Keyword Set Lookups may be duplicated. To remove the duplicate entries, log on to the OnBase Configuration module and click Keywords | Reverse AutoFill Keyword Sets. Select a duplicate Reverse AutoFill Keyword Set Lookup, click Delete, and repeat until all duplicate entries have been removed.

Not every AutoFill Keyword Set needs to have a Reverse Keyset Lookup configured for it, but each Reverse Keyset Lookup is associated with one particular AutoFill Keyword Set. The Reverse Keyset Lookup drop-down list is available during indexing or re-indexing for each Document Type or each Keyword Type that is associated with that AutoFill Keyword Set.

By default, users are able to use Reverse AutoFill Keyword Set Lookups to search for any AutoFill Keyword Sets associated with the document at the Document Type or Keyword Type level. This includes AutoFill Keyword Sets configured for the document's Document Type as well as AutoFill Keyword Sets configured for any of the document's Keyword Types.


Users will be able to access any AutoFill Keyword Sets assigned at the Keyword Type level, even if a different AutoFill Keyword Set has been assigned at the Document Type level.

However, if the Do not filter reverse autofill keyword set lookup objects by document type autofill keyword set configuration Global Client Settings option is selected, users are able to access Reverse AutoFill Keyword Set lookups that are not assigned to the Document Type of the document being viewed.


For more information on Global Client Settings, see the System Administration help file or module reference guide.