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AutoFill Keyword Sets

AutoFill Keyword Sets
Foundation 22.1

When indexing or re-indexing documents using an automated process (e.g., DIP, Advanced Capture, OCR) in conjunction with AutoFill Keyword Sets, you may experience different results than if you were performing the same processes manually.

Keyword Types that don't belong to a Keyword Type Group or Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group

When an automated process is bringing in more than one Primary Keyword Value for a document, and the Keyword Types do not belong to a Keyword Type Group or Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group, only the last Primary Keyword Value added to the document is expanded. As a result, the document's Keyword Values include all the Primary Keyword Values, but only those Secondary Keyword Values triggered by the last Primary Keyword Value.

Example: Vendor location information on a document belonging to the Vendor Profile Document Type is triggered by the City Primary Keyword Value. Two values for City enter the system via an automated process in this specific order: Atlanta and Cleveland. The Keyword Values on the document would be:

City: Atlanta
City: Cleveland
County: Cuyahoga
State: Ohio

The behavior above only occurs during an automated process. If you manually add different Primary Keyword Values to a document, each value can be expanded.