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AutoFill Keyword Sets

AutoFill Keyword Sets
Foundation 22.1

An AutoFill Keyword Set is a collection of Keyword Types dependent upon a Primary Keyword Type. If an AutoFill Keyword Set is assigned to a Document Type, a value entered into the Primary Keyword Type field during indexing of a document triggers the population of the remaining Keyword Values in the AutoFill Keyword Set.

After an AutoFill Keyword Set is triggered, the Keyword Types in the AutoFill Keyword Set are no longer associated with each other. This means that if you modify or remove a Primary Keyword Value, Secondary Keyword Values are not automatically updated.

An AutoFill Keyword Set can only re-populate Keyword Values after clearing the Keyword Values with either the Clear All or Clear Keywords buttons in the Import Document dialog box, or with the Clear Keywords button in the Re-Index Document dialog box.

Upon initial indexing of a document (upon import), if you change the Primary Keyword Value and press TAB, it will automatically change all of the Keyword Values of the set to the appropriate values. If you have multiple values for a Secondary Keyword Type and you select more than one value, it will automatically add the new set of values, but retain the old values as well.

When a Keyword Level AutoFill includes a Secondary Keyword Type which is the Primary Keyword Type in another Keyword Level AutoFill, new Keyword Type instances are created.


If you change a Primary Keyword Value upon Re-Index, it will automatically add the new set of values, but retain the old values as well.

Every workstation that will be accessing External AutoFill Keyword Sets(users that will be indexing or re-indexing) must have an ODBC connection that has the same name as the one configured in the Configuration module. When using Core-based applications, only the Application Server itself must have the ODBC connection. For more information, contact your system administrator.