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Automated Redaction

Automated Redaction
Foundation 22.1

Automated Redaction can be enabled for Advanced Capture Text Data Field Zones. This allows you to configure information at a granular level.

For example:

Your OnBase solution has two Document Types that use your customers' Social Security numbers as a Keyword Value.

  • The first Document Type, AR - Credit File, is strictly controlled by User Group security; only a few, high-level users have access to the document. There is no need to redact Social Security numbers and other private information from documents in this Document Type.

  • The second Document Type, AR - Purchase History, is widely used across your organization. Everyone from customer service representatives to account managers need access to these documents; however, you would like the customers' Social Security numbers to be visible to some users (account managers) but hidden from others (customer service representatives).

These documents are generated as hard copies from a third-party application and are then scanned into OnBase using Document Imaging and indexed using Advanced Capture. As an administrator, you have configured Advanced Capture forms for both the AR - Credit File and AR - Purchase History documents; both of these forms have a Data Field Zone configured to capture customer Social Security numbers.

Because the documents in the AR - Credit File documents do not require redaction, its Advanced Capture forms, and their associated Data Field Zones, are left as-is.

For the AR - Purchase History forms, however, you can configure the Data Field Zone used to identify and capture Social Security numbers to automatically mark the Data Field Zone for redaction once it has been processed and the Social Security Number Keyword Value has been captured.

Now, after AR - Purchase History documents are scanned and undergo Advanced Capture, they are marked for review. Once reviewed, redacted versions of these documents are created and made available to the customer service representatives while the original documents are retained and made available to the account managers.

To configure an Advanced Capture Data Field Zone to use Automated Redaction:

  1. From the Advanced Capture Configuration window, ensure that a sample document representative of the documents to be redacted is displayed in the Document Viewer and that an Advanced Capture form has been created for and matched to it.
  2. Display the Data Field Zone dialog box for the Data Field Zone to be configured by right-clicking the Data Field Zone and selecting Modify Zone (or by creating the Data Field Zone).

    For information on accessing the Advanced Capture Configuration window and creating/modifying a Data Field Zone, see the Advanced Capture module reference guide or help files.

  3. The Data Field Zone dialog box is displayed.
  4. Ensure that the Text Field tab is selected. Automated Redaction can only be enabled for Text Data Field Zones.
  5. Select the Redact zone from document after keyword assignment check box.

    If your solution is not licensed for Automated Redaction, this check box is not displayed during Advanced Capture configuration.

  6. Click Save to save the Data Field Zone's configuration settings.
  7. Repeat Steps 2-6 for each Data Field Zone associated with the selected Advanced Capture form that is to be configured to use Automated Redaction.