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Automated Redaction

Automated Redaction
Foundation 22.1

Automated Redaction can be used by any organization that needs to quickly identify and redact personal or sensitive information from documents. For example:

  • A government agency must respond to a Freedom of Information Act request and supply the requested documents, minus any sensitive or confidential information. Ad hoc Automated Redaction offers users the ability to easily select and redact the requested documents, reducing the turnaround time needed to review, release and share information.

    Furthermore, an Automated Redaction process can be configured to run during non-peak hours to process all archived documents previously stored in OnBase(backfile documents) as well as new documents added to OnBase(day-forward documents) so that redacted documents are available “on demand.”

  • Legal documents provided to counsel and the courts often contain sensitive or confidential information that must be redacted before they can be released. Automated Redaction processing can save hundreds of hours of reviewing and manually redacting documents, leading to thousands of dollars in cost savings and an accelerated ability to deliver documents to counsel, the court, the media, or the public.