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Automated Redaction

Automated Redaction
Foundation 22.1

From the Schedule Management window, a job can be run immediately or it can be suspended.

  1. Open the Schedule Management window from the OnBase Client by clicking Processing | Scheduler | Schedule Management.
  2. Select one or more jobs from the Scheduled Items box.
    • To run the jobs now, click Run Now. The selected jobs are run the next time the processing workstation is polled.

    • To suspend the jobs, click Suspend. To resume suspended jobs, click Resume.

    An icon is displayed next to each scheduled job in the Scheduled Items box that indicates its status.



    Run Now- Indicates that the user has clicked the Run Now button to cause the job to execute now instead of waiting for its scheduled time to run.

    Suspend- Indicates a suspended job. The job will not run until a user selects it and clicks Resume.

    Active- Indicates an active scheduled job. An active job may be waiting to run or it may have already run at its scheduled time.

    Error- Indicates a job with a configuration error.

  3. Click Apply.

A job can also be run immediately from the process format queue or the Process Jobs window.

From the OnBase Client, click Processing | Process Jobs. The Process Jobs window is displayed. Right-click on a job and select Process Job.

Or, from a process queue, select Process Job and then select the job to be run in the Process Jobs window. Right-click in the Process Jobs window and select Process Job.