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Automated Redaction

Automated Redaction
Foundation 22.1

Scheduling processing for off-hours is an automated way to conserve system resources. Processing can be accelerated if the process is run from the database server.


Ensure that scheduled processes are not configured to run at the same time as a scheduled database backup. The database is locked while performing backups, preventing any processes from running.


Purging documents from Document Maintenance can also be scheduled. For more information, see the System Administration module reference guide or help file.

Two types of processing activities may be scheduled with the Scheduler: a Process Format or a Process Job.

  • A Process Format is used in processing modules and in scanning modules to specify how OnBase processes data being imported into OnBase. A Process Format is, basically, one individually-configured process.

  • A Process Job is one or more Process Formats that have been configured to run sequentially. A Process Job does not have to consist exclusively of a single type of Process Format; it can contain multiple Process Formats from any module that allows scheduling.


Process Formats created from Document Imaging sweep or scan from disk processes cannot be included in a Process Job.