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Automated Redaction

Automated Redaction
Foundation 22.1

An Automated Redaction process is a collection of one or more Document Types that have been configured to route the documents assigned to them for Automated Redaction.

A process is created and configured by an administrator. Once an Automated Redaction process is configured, it can be run manually as needed or as a scheduled process in the OnBase Client. When the process is run, the documents assigned to the Document Types undergo Automated Redaction and are marked for Automated Redaction review.

Depending on the process's configuration:

  • Only documents added to OnBase after the Automated Redaction process was created may be processed (i.e., day forward processing).

  • Only documents added to OnBase before the Automated Redaction process was created may be processed (i.e., backfile processing).

  • All documents assigned to the specified Document Types are processed (i.e., day forward and backfile processing).


It is not necessary to configure an Automated Redaction process in order to perform ad hoc Automated Redaction. Ad hoc Automated Redaction can be performed on any document belonging to a Document Type that has at least one Dictionary assigned to it.