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Automated Redaction

Automated Redaction
Foundation 22.1

An image or PDF document stored in OnBase can undergo ad hoc Automated Redaction as long as its Document Type has one or more Automated Redaction Dictionaries configured for it and it is configured to allow redactions.

Ad hoc Automated Redaction can be initiated from the following areas of the OnBase Client:

  • From the Document Search Results List

  • From the Document Imaging Window

  • From an open document

Any user can initiate ad hoc Automated Redaction; if a user without the proper rights to Automated Redaction initiates ad hoc Automated Redaction, the document is processed, but must be reviewed by another user (one with rights to Automated Redaction).

Likewise, ad hoc Automated Redaction can be initiated from a workstation not registered for Automated Redaction. In this scenario, the document is marked as Pending OCR and can be processed from the Automated Redaction Review window.

If a user with rights to Automated Redaction initiates an ad hoc Automated Redaction process from a workstation registered for Automated Redaction, the document undergoes OCR processing and is immediately presented for review. After the document is reviewed, the redacted document is created.