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Automated Redaction

Automated Redaction
Foundation 22.1

If a note, redaction, burned markup, or deficiency is not in the location you expect, do not save or sign the document until the location has been corrected by your system administrator. When the document is saved or signed, the pending redaction, burned markup, or deficiency is permanently placed in the shifted location. The shifting of notes that do not permanently alter the document can be corrected any time by your system administrator.

Once you have reviewed a document that has undergone Automated Redaction and you have ensured that all values requiring redaction have been redacted, you are able to create the redacted version of the document.

Regardless of the file format of the original document (image or PDF), the redacted document that is created is always an image file.

Prior to creating the redacted version of the document, select the Show Redacted Document After Burn check box in the Automated Redaction Tools menu if you would like to automatically display the redacted version of the document after it is created.

To create the redacted version of the document, click Burn Redactions in the Automated Redaction toolbar or press the Enter key.

Depending on how the original document's Document Type is configured:

  • You may be prompted to delete the original document.

  • The redacted document is saved as:

    • A new document in the same Document Type as the original document

    • A new document of a different Document Type than the original document

    • A revision of the original document (this feature requires additional licensing and configuration)

Once the redacted document is created, the original document is removed from the Pending Documents list.