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Automated Redaction

Automated Redaction
Foundation 22.1

To manually redact a value from a document displayed in the Automated Redaction Review window.:

  1. Ensure that the Annotation Toolbar is displayed for the OnBase Client. To display the Annotation Toolbar, click User | Toolbars | Annotation toolbar or right-click in the OnBase Client and select Annotation Toolbar.
  2. From the Annotation Toolbar's Annotation Type drop-down list, select Pending Automated Redaction.
  3. Click the Annotation Tool button to enable the ability to add annotations to the document.
  4. From the Automated Redaction Review window, ensure that the data to be redacted is displayed in the Document Viewer.
  5. Using the mouse, click and hold the left button and use the pointer to draw a box around the data to be redacted.
  6. Release the left mouse button. Note that a redaction annotation is applied to the data and a new entry is added to the Pending Redactions list.

    When manually redacting data from a document via the Automated Redaction Review window, a new entry is added for the newly-added redaction in the Pending Redaction list but no data for that redaction is populated in the Note Text column.

  7. Repeat Steps 4-6 for each value you would like to manually redact. These redactions will be burned on the redacted version of the document along with the other redactions added by Automated Redaction when the redacted document is created.