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Automated Redaction

Automated Redaction
Foundation 22.1

If your OnBase solution is designed to use Advanced Capture, it can be configured to do either of the following:

  • Automatically mark an area of a document for Automated Redaction once it has been processed via Advanced Capture.

    Once a document has been marked for redaction via Automated Redaction as part of an Advanced Capture process, the review and approval process is the same as it would be if the document had undergone ad hoc Automated Redaction or had been part of an Automated Redaction process.

  • Automatically redact an area of a document during Advanced Capture processing, bypassing Automated Redaction review and approval.


Documents will be sent for Automated Redaction review and approval if any values captured in areas configured for Automated Redaction are marked as suspect during Advanced Capture processing. This holds true even when your system is configured to automatically redact an area of a document during Advanced Capture processing. See the Advanced Capture module reference guide for more information.

These options require that your OnBase solution is licensed and registered for Advanced Capture, and that a properly configured Advanced Capture form is configured for the documents that are to undergo Automated Redaction.