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Branch Capture Check Processor

Branch Capture Check Processor
Foundation 22.1

Prior to processing a check data file using the Branch Capture Check Processor, you must configure the Check Print Cycles for your solution.

To configure the Check Print Cycles:

  1. From the OnBase Configuration module, click Import | Check Image Processor | Check Print Cycles. The Select Institution dialog box is displayed.

    Some institutions process check images for multiple institutions designated by a unique institution number. These different institutions may use different Disk Groups for the cycles.

  2. Enter the Institution Number of the institution that the Check Print Cycles are being configured for in the Institution Number field.
    If you are not using different institution numbers, then enter 0 in the Institution Number field.
  3. Click Select. The Check Cycles dialog box is displayed.
  4. Configure each Check Cycle as necessary. For more information on configuring Check Cycles, see the Check Import Processor module reference guide.
  5. When you are finished configuring the Check Cycles, click Close.