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Branch Capture Check Processor

Branch Capture Check Processor
Foundation 22.1

INI files are plain-text files that contain configuration information. These files are used by Windows and Windows-based applications to save information about your preferences and operating environment.

Settings for Branch Capture are saved in the branchcapture.ini file. For modern Windows operating systems, the default location of the branchcapture.ini file is C:\ProgramData\Hyland Software. This location can be changed if you are using the -INIFILE command line switch. For more information, see -INIFILE.


Prior to OnBase 8.2, the branchcapture.ini file was stored in the Branch Capture workstation's Windows folder (for example, C:\Windows). After upgrading, the branchcapture.ini file is automatically copied to the correct location when the Branch Capture Scanning client is first used, and the original file is renamed branchcapture.ini_bak and left in the Windows folder.