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Branch Capture Check Processor

Branch Capture Check Processor
Foundation 22.1

The following settings can be configured in the branchcapture.ini file:

INI Setting



When this option = 1, a check is done to make sure the number of checks scanned is the actual number of checks in a batch. The teller will be required to input the number of checks in the batch before scanning. The batch will only be transmitted if the actual number of scanned checks matches the number input by the teller. If the number of scanned checks does not match this number, the batch must be deleted or re-scanned.


When this option = 1, the batch report file will be copied to the Balanced directory when the batch has been balanced. This enables the user to reference the report file for the batch, print it, or perform COLD processing on it. If this option is not set to 1, the report will not be stored in the Balanced directory.