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Branch Capture Check Processor

Branch Capture Check Processor
Foundation 22.1

The OnBase Branch Capture Check Processor(referred to as Branch Capture throughout this manual) allows financial institutions to scan checks, encode the check amounts, and generate data representing the information from the checks in the batch.

Data from the check batches is generated as a single XML file containing both check images and MICR data information. This data, once imported into OnBase, is used to generate an Image Cash Letter file (X9.37).

Paper checks are scanned in the Branch Capture Scanning client using a compatible check scanner. This scanner scans both the front and back sides of a check and reads the MICR line of the check.

Branch Capture also offers an optional Courtesy Amount Recognition/Legal Amount Recognition (CAR/LAR) functionality, provided via an integration with A2iA's CheckReader software, to automatically extract the Amount data from the check if it is not included in the MICR line. CAR/LAR can be performed in the Scanning client at the time the batch is scanned or in the OnBase Client when the check data file is imported into the solution.


This functionality requires additional licensing and software.

Once the checks are scanned, the batches must be encoded and balanced. This can take place in the Branch Capture Scanning client where, once encoded and balanced, the check data file is processed and the checks are imported into OnBase via the Branch Capture Check Processor (XML Format) check import process.

Or, the raw check data can be processed by the OnBase Client, where it can then be encoded and balanced.


Beginning in Branch Capture 4.0, the Branch Capture Balancing client and the legacy Branch Capture Check Processor format are no longer supported. Batches must be balanced and encoded in either the Scanning client or the OnBase Client and all existing legacy Branch Capture Check Processor formats must be converted to Branch Capture Check Process (XML Format) formats.

Once encoded, balanced and processed, the check data file becomes a batch of check documents comprised of Transit and/or OnUs Document Types. These batches can be used to generate an Image Cash Letter file (X9.37).