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Branch Capture Check Processor

Branch Capture Check Processor
Foundation 22.1

Beginning in Branch Capture 4.0, all existing legacy Branch Capture Check Process formats must be converted to Branch Capture Check Process (XML Format) formats. The legacy Branch Capture Check Process format is no longer supported.

Once the document data file is transmitted to OnBase from the Scanning client, it must be processed via a Check Import Processor before the batches are available for viewing, encoding, or committing.

Unlike other Check Import Processes, if an error occurs when performing a Branch Capture Check Process, then the XML file is moved to the ERROR_FILES sub-folder in the Local Processing Directory (the folder in which document data files waiting to be processed are stored) and the batch of documents is routed to the Branch Capture Incoming Queue batch status queue in the OnBase Client.


Unlike earlier Branch Capture solutions that used the legacy Branch Capture Check Process format, MICR errors are not unexpected in the XML data file used by the current version of Branch Capture because encoding and balancing can now take place in the OnBase Client's Branch Capture Batch Balance window.