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Branch Capture Check Processor

Branch Capture Check Processor
Foundation 22.1

The Teller Report is a text file that is generated when a check batch is initially processed by a bank teller. The Teller Report contains the TellerID, BranchID, the number of checks in the batch, a list of abbreviated ABA Routing Numbers for the checks processed, and the amount of each check in the batch.

If your Branch Capture solution is configured to use a Teller Report during encoding, the Report Selection dialog box may be displayed prior to encoding to allow you to select the Teller Report that matches the current batch.

The Report Selection dialog box allows you to filter by certain criteria (i.e. BranchID, TellerID, Date, the total amount of all documents in the batch, and the total number of documents in the batch) to help you find the correct Teller Report. Depending on your Branch Capture configuration, default filter criteria may automatically be defined and selected.


If your Branch Capture is configured to use default filter criteria, your system administer may configure Branch Capture to automatically select a Teller Report if only one report matches all default filter criteria selected. In this case, the Report Selection dialog box would not be displayed.

Once a matching report is found, Branch Capture then populates the fields in the Report Amount with the data from the Teller Report. Once a Teller Report has been identified as a match to a batch, it will automatically be associated with that batch each time the batch is displayed.


When using a Teller Report to assist with encoding, if you delete a check from the batch, you will also be prompted to delete the Report Amount for each item you delete. This action does not permanently delete the amount from the Teller Report; it can be restored by exiting and re-entering Batch Encoding view for the selected batch. It is recommended that batches be encoded and marked as balanced in one session so that values from deleted checks are not displayed and cannot cause confusion during encoding.

To display the Report Selection dialog box at any time during encoding, click the Teller Report toolbar button.

A Teller Report is available until the batch referencing the report is either transmitted or marked as balanced. At that time, depending on your Branch Capture configuration, the Teller Report is either left in the specified Teller Report folder, moved to the Backup Released folder, or deleted.