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Branch Capture Check Processor

Branch Capture Check Processor
Foundation 22.1

To scan a batch of savings bonds:

  1. Click the Scan New Savings Bond Batch toolbar button to display the Scanning client in Batch scanning view. Batches of savings bonds can only be scanned while the Scanning client is displayed in Batch Scanning view.

    The Batch Scanning view can only be displayed if a supported scanner is installed on the workstation, and that scanner is currently connected and powered on. Multiple scanners can be installed and connected to the Scanning client, but only one scanner can be used at a time.


    Alternatively, if you are using a Canon CR-135, CR-180 II, or CR-190i scanner, you can press the scanner's Start button to begin scanning a batch of bonds.

  2. Enter your Branch ID and/or Teller ID.

    The Teller ID value cannot be 0 (zero).

    Depending on your Branch Capture configuration, the Branch ID may or may not be required. Generally, this option is only used when one branch is processing bonds for another branch and a way to identify the branch associated with the batch is needed.

    If your Branch Capture solution is licensed for CAR/LAR, the Batch Amount field is also displayed. This optional field allows you to enter the total amount of the batch of bonds being scanned and the amount is compared to the amount of the batch determined by CAR/LAR. If the amounts match, a message is displayed informing you that the compared amounts are a match. If the amounts do not match, a message is displayed informing you that the amounts are mismatched.

  3. Click OK. The scanner begins to scan the bonds.

    While the scanner is scanning the bonds, click the Stop Scanning button to cancel the scanning process.

    If a paper jam occurs, click the Clear Jam button to eject all bonds from the scanner. The batch will need to be re-scanned.


    This button is only available if a paper jam occurs.

  4. During scanning, images of both the front and back of the bond, information on the batch being scanned (e.g. the Current Check Count, and, if available, the Total Amount of all bonds in the batch) are displayed in the Scanning client.

    Your scanner may not correctly read the MICR information on bonds. Be sure to verify the On-Us value after the batch is completed, and manually encode it if necessary.

    If your Branch Capture solution is licensed and configured to use the CAR/LAR functionality in the Scanning client, individual Check Amount will not display during scanning if the recognized Amount value meets the configured confidence level, but the Total Amount value will be updated to reflect each recognized Check Amount.

  5. Enter the amount of the bond in the Redemption field that is displayed, then press Enter.
  6. Duplicate batches (i.e. batches that contain all of the same bonds, regardless of the order of the bonds in the batch) are automatically detected. If a duplicate batch is detected, a message is displayed informing you that the batch is a duplicate after scanning is completed.