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Branch Capture Check Processor

Branch Capture Check Processor
Foundation 22.1

After a batch of documents is scanned and encoded in the Scanning client, the document data file is transmitted from the Scanning client to the OnBase Client module.


While the document data file is in transit to the OnBase Client, its file format is set as xmt_xml or xmt_txt. This prevents partially-transmitted files from being processed in the Client.


For Branch Capture solutions designed to perform encoding in the Client module, batches would be transmitted after the batch has been scanned in the Scanning client.

To transmit a batch:

  • With the Scanning client in the Active Batches view, select the batch to be transmitted and click the Transmit Batch toolbar button.

  • Or, depending on your Branch Capture configuration, batches may automatically be transmitted when the Scanning client is closed.

    Depending on your Branch Capture configuration, a message may be displayed asking if you would like to transmit all active batches. Select Yes to transmit all active batches, regardless of encoding status. Select No to close the Scanning Client without transmitting any batches.