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CAD Services

CAD Services
Foundation 23.1

A database may be licensed with two license types that give users contradictory rights.

For example, your organization might have one group of users that only needs to view engineering drawings and another that needs the ability to view and markup those drawings, so your database must be licensed with both CAD Services - View & Markup and CAD Services - View Only licenses.

In order to determine which license should be assigned to each User Group, the User Group must be assigned a License Affinity. The License Affinity determines which license should be used for users in a User Group when there is more than one license could logically be used. If that pre-determined license is not available, then the other license type would be used.


If a user is assigned to more than one User Group and the User Groups have conflicting License Affinity settings, the settings affiliated with the user's primary User Group are used.


License Affinity only applies to concurrent licenses; a workstation or a named user license takes precedence over a concurrent license and the assigned License Affinity.

To assign License Affinity for a User Group.

  1. From the OnBase Configuration module, select Users | User Groups/Rights. The User Groups & Rights dialog box is displayed.
  2. Select the user group from the User Group Name list and click License Affinity. The License Affinity dialog box is displayed.
  3. Select the license from the Available Licenses list that the User Group should use by default.
  4. Click Add. The selected license is moved to the License Affinity list.
    When users in this User Group log on to OnBase, this license will be consumed. In the event that this license is not available, the next-available related license from the Available Licenses list will be consumed.
  5. To remove License Affinity from a User Group, select the license from the License Affinity list and click Remove. The selected license is returned to the Available Licenses list.
  6. Click Save and Close.