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CAD Services

CAD Services
Foundation 23.1

The following upgrade considerations have been compiled by OnBase subject matter experts. These upgrade considerations are general and applicable to most OnBase solutions and network environments and should be considered each time an upgrade is performed.

Carefully consider the impact of making any changes, including those listed below, prior to implementing them in a production environment.

For additional general information about upgrading OnBase, refer to the Upgrade Guidelines reference manual, and visit the Hyland Community at: https://www.hyland.com/community.

The following information should be considered when upgrading CAD Services deployments. Read this information prior to upgrading CAD Services.

Effects of Projects on Upgrading

As of OnBase 14, the concept of Projects is added to CAD Services. Imported files are now assigned to a Project upon import, which has two significant impacts on your OnBase system:

  • If the same document is imported into multiple projects, it is stored multiple times in the OnBase database. Changes made to one of the copies of a document are not reflected in the other copies of that document.

  • Because documents are being stored in multiple locations in the OnBase database, new documents imported into your OnBase Foundation 23.1 system may require more storage space than would have been required in previous versions of OnBase.

For example:

John Adams imports Parent1.dwg (this document contains the child documents ChildA.dwg and ChildB.dwg) into OnBase. He then imports Parent2.dwg (this document contains the child documents ChildA.dwg and ChildC.dwg) into OnBase.








In previous versions of OnBase, ChildA.dwg was only stored in OnBase once, and both Parent drawings linked to it. Any changes made to ChildA.dwg appeared in both Parent drawings.

As of OnBase 14, ChildA.dwg is now stored in the database two times (assuming the parent documents have been assigned to different Projects). Changes made to the ChildA.dwg related to Parent1 are not reflected in the ChildA.dwg related to Parent2.

For more information on this change and its impact on your OnBase system, please contact your solution provider.

Upgrading the CAD Document Viewer

Ensure you upgrade the Teigha Toolkit to the latest version before or after upgrading the CAD Document Viewer. You cannot view CAD documents in the Unity Client if you do not upgrade the Teigha Toolkit to the latest version.