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Certificate Licensing

Certificate Licensing
Foundation 24.1

Data Execution Prevention, or DEP, is a Windows feature that prevents execution of code from places where it should not be executed. Two kinds of DEP may be present on any system running any modern Windows client or server operating system: DEP software and hardware-based DEP. Each type of DEP prevents a different type of undesired code execution. By default, DEP software is contained in all modern Windows client and server operating systems. Hardware-based DEP, or computer-hardware enforced protection, requires a processor that will support hardware-based DEP. Processors that support hardware-based DEP do so through a set of instructions on the processor that implement the hardware protection. Hardware-based DEP is only used in Windows when such a processor is present.

If there is an issue with OnBase as a result of DEP, make sure an exception for OnBase has been created in your DEP settings.