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Certificate Licensing

Certificate Licensing
Foundation 24.1

A certificate is the basis for activating licensed products within the OnBase system. It is a tamper-proof, human-readable XML file that contains a list of all licensed modules for a specific OnBase installation. When a customer licenses new modules (or reduces existing licenses), Hyland will supply a certificate that contains the new licensing levels licensed to the end user. Using OnBase Configuration, the end user will be able to install the certificate, which will adjust the licensing levels in the database as the certificate dictates.

Certificates must be verified for integrity, and are marked in a way that permits detection of tampering of significant content. A certificate can only be installed once. Each certificate issued always contains the entire set of license information for the given end user. This information is verified each time a certificate is installed.

The individual performing the installation must have access to the Hyland License Certificate web service to obtain the response code that will unlock the certificate and apply the licensing.