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Change Control

Change Control
Foundation 22.1

Once a value set has been created, the specific environment values to be included in it must be configured.

To assign an environment value:

  1. Use the Select a value set drop down to select the value set you want to assign environment values for.
  2. Select one or more options from the Environment Value Type list to display the relevant environment values.

    You can also use the Filter field to search for specific environment values by their Description.

  3. Assign the environment values for the value set by:
    • Entering a new environment value in the Destination Value field.

    • Selecting the Use Source Value option to leave the environment value in the value set unchanged from the original source value.

  4. Click the Save button to save the configured values to the value set.

    If you have many environment values to configure and want to only see the values you have yet to assign, use the Hide Configured Values option to show only the environment values which do not yet have a Destination Value assigned.